Wisconsin Northwoods Attorney

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, a real estate investor, or looking to purchase a Northwoods cabin. Give the McCormick Law Firm a call.

In most instances, buying or selling a home will be the biggest financial transaction any of us will ever complete in our lifetime. The purchase of any piece of real estate requires special considerations that require the assistance of a skilled attorney.

In Wisconsin, more and more real estate transactions are being handled exclusively by realtors and title companies who act as closing agents. None of the individuals involved will provide you with skilled legal advice that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Failure to use an attorney could result in the difference between keeping or losing the real estate that you have purchased. Although your realtor and the title company are there to assist you – your realtor and the title company do not owe you the same duty of care that an attorney needs to provide you.

The purchase of any piece of real estate requires the navigation of a battlefield and an operation plan. Potential problems that may arise during a real estate transaction include – title issues, surveying issues, inspection issues, environmental concerns, access issues, and riparian waterfront rights, to name a few. In real estate, what you see is not always what you get! Let the McCormick Law Firm help you navigate the battlefield of concerns that must be addressed to ensure that your purchase of real estate does not come with some surprise. Let us help you make sure that your purchase of a home, hunting property, cabin, or lake home is carefree, and enjoyable.

A little information about Eron – when not in the office Eron enjoys vacationing in Land O’ Lakes with family and friends, fishing on the Cisco Chain, dining at various supper clubs (old fashioned sweet - please) and discovering the Northwoods. Every November Eron and his wife Jen take an annual trip to Lake Geneva where they were engaged. Wisconsin is Eron’s home away from home. Please feel free to reach out about your Wisconsin legal needs or to just chat about Wisconsin.